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28 Competitive Drills for Shooting and Footwork


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with Jay Wright,
Villanova University Head Men's Basketball Coach,
NCAA "Sweet 16" (2005),
Philadelphia Big Five Eastern College Coach of the Year


Villanova University basketball has reached a new level of excitement under Coach Jay Wright. His attention to detail and repetition allow his teams to compete with the nation's best programs. A strong believer in footwork and balance, Wright consistently incorporates these into every shooting drill as he guides you through the entire shooting progression with this on-court presentation. This DVD is packed with 28 valuable drills that show why Villanova is a dangerous offensive club every year in the powerful Big East. Using warm-up and technique drills, game drills, and free throw drills, he teaches and describes fundamentals and teaching points. Practice begins with set lifts to reinforce proper technique. "Keeping the elbow under the ball" is emphasized in the Bradley drill. The Mikan and reverse Mikan drills develops touch around the basket. A staple in the Villanova system is seen in the one- and two-step shooting sequence, which relies on proper footwork. V-cuts, rebounding, and shooting are combined in three man, two ball shooting drills. In all of the drills, a big emphasis is put on good, crisp passing. Wright believes in game-like, competitive shooting as he progresses through practice. Because confidence is the key to free throw shooting, the Wildcats work on free throw consistency throughout this video. Ultimately, game situations challenge players to build their confidence from the free throw line. During competitive drills, Wright preaches to his players to "set up quick, shoot slow". The two ball drill segment combines the screener and cutter as they build parts of motion offense into shooting drills. Four cutting options are presented after screens: Curl cut, back cut, out cut, and the straight cut. These drills increase the ability for each player to shoot from all spots on the floor, making the team balanced and difficult to defend. A great video for solid footwork and competitive shooting drills.
84 minutes. 2006.




This DVD is packed with 28 intense shooting & footwork drills that show why Villanova is a dangerous offensive club every year in the powerful Big East.


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