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Shooting Drills for Youth Basketball Practice


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with Jerry Petitgoue,
Cuba City HS (WI) Head Boys' Basketball Coach (40+ years),
19 Conference titles,
3X Wisconsin State Championships

From footwork to the follow-through, high school coaching legend Jerry Petitgoue has produced the definitive DVD for teaching young players to shoot the basketball correctly.

Coach Petitgoue begins by presenting the four key points of shooting, which center around the concept that no player is a born shooter. Next, players perform a variety of form shooting drills where Petitgoue focuses on the process rather then the result, thus giving every player the blueprint to be a great shooter. Petitgoue demonstrates the set position and he outlines the essentials for preparing to shoot the ball correctly. He also explains many common problems and how to correct them.

You will see drills that, through repetition, will build strong shooting fundamentals. In the shot builder drill, the shooter concentrates on keeping his elbow in while making shots in different locations around the basket.

Petitgoue gets players in the habit of running into the shot with the sprint-shot drill. This game-like drill teaches players to get behind the ball, have hands ready and use a "1-2 step" into the shot.

The "peed dribble lay up drill" is a simple drill to teach players to attack the rim from the 3-point line with only one dribble. Petitgoue keeps the drills going with the ball position drill, the spin drill and the 3-man-2 ball shooting drill, which require players to pass, catch, and shoot on the move.

This DVD is perfect for any coach wanting to develop the art of shooting in their "feeder program."

47 minutes. 2010.




This DVD effectively teaches kids the right shooting fundamentals and techniques from the ground up.


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